Juniors Winch.

Since I built Junior with the intension of doing some challenge competitions he needed a winch. This was delivered last week. It's a Comeup Winch DV9000, from PG Winches. The smaller box is a wider roller fairlead I bought from Phil to replace the one supplied. Personal  preference. 

I fitted one of these to beast and it has performed well so I went for the same model. Junior weighs about 1000kg less than beast so this winch will be more than powerful enough.

Phil Gordon provided me with a mounting plate and I bought an up rated solenoid pack from him which is waterproof. (Still thinking of going wading). This also made the cable installation much more compact as its smaller than the solenoid pack supplied with the winch. All the switch gear will be  installed under the bonnet for protection and security.

The solenoid pack supplied with the winch and the new waterproof solenoid pack (the new ones on the left). As you can see its more compact and since its waterproof it should last longer. 

Now fitted under the bonnet, 

This is the plate the winch will be mounted on, Again thanks to Phil Gordon at PG Winches. Phil usually has the mounting plate powder coated but I wanted to weld and drill this one before it gets coated so it was a bit rough when it arrived. Once I had drilled a few holes it went to TEC coatings and came back looking like this. Powder coating seems to last longer and take more abuse than paint and costs about the same so I will be having some more bits of junior done like this. 


Not the best picture but these are the mountings I created. They secure the rear of the winch mounting plate to the chassis. Having had them welded on professionally I am confident that I can hang junior off the winch cable and nothings going to give way.


Looks like I will have to find some where else for the number plate then.

Following Phil Gordon's advice I used 70mm2 cable for all the winch supply and earth cables. This reduces the cable resistance and lowers the current draw on the battery's. Not cheap but I feel a good investment. As was the Isolator switch. This is wired into the live feed to the winch and allows isolation to prevent accidental and malicious use.

And yes I will finish painting the rest one day.

To give a good level of power to the winch I have fitted a 120amp alternator and a pair of high capacity battery's under the seat. While I was at it I fitted a remote starter solenoid to the  started motor to get this out of harms way. You can read about these upgrades on juniors rewiring page.

  I have never liked having a long remote control lead coming in through the window. There's a good chance of it getting caught round a wheel, in the drum as it winds in or on a fan blade. Better to have a couple of controls located where you need them. I have though of putting a control on the front panel to make life easier.
Having had the opportunity to sort all the auxiliary wiring to the dash board at the same time, I fitted the control wires for the winch. This was total out of character for me to be so forward thinking,

I made a box to fit to the dash containing the remote control plug from the original control box, and put a selectable push button control panel on the front of the box to enable me to control the winch which driving .

For a wiring diagram click the picture.