Juniors New Bumper

Just a few pictures of juniors new bumper. I had bent so many series bumpers on rocks and when descending hills I decided I needed a decent quality winch bumper. I had looked over a few commercially made ones but all are designed to fit defenders. While the dumb irons are in the same spot they are too wide and extend to far forward when fitted to a series chassis.

Its a work in progress but you get the idea. Still a little welding to do and then some powder coating but it should be strong and the attack angle will be improved considerably.



Its always struck me that recovery points on a series vehicle are not all that well attached. I think that 12 bolts will work allot better than the 4 that would normally be used. By putting the recovery point in front of the dumb irons the load is distributed better and will help to lift the front of the vehicle when recovery is taking place.

More pictures will follow when the rest of the welding is completed.