Armored Salisbury Diff Pan.


The Salisbury axel is in my opinion the one to have. Its used in various forms across the world and has a reputation for strength and reliability. However the diff cover is not the strongest of units. Pressed out of 1mm plate it is the vulnerable point on a bombproof axel.

Since fitting juniors rear winch I have been conscious that if I am recovering junior backwards there's the potential to crush this diff pan against an unseen rock and end the day early. I decided an armored pan was needed but commercially they are not available. Some covers which protect the bottom half or the middle only were available but non were exactly what I wanted.

This one is one of the best. QT services Produce all sorts of top quality upgrades for Land Rovers and I took allot of inspiration from this guard.

Its made form thick plate and would withstand considerable impact. Having spoken to the staff from QT services when I was at The Sodbury Sort out last year I knew I needed something similar to this.

I decided to make something bespoke out of 6mm plate. Not the easiest job but I thought I would have a go

It took a few hours of hamming the 5mm plate to get the correct contours.

Each piece is different in order to attain the rite profile around the crown wheel. this will enable it to pull the oil up and over the diff assisting lubrication and cooling.



Here's the finished article. The filler plug is set higher to give the correct oil level to the pinion since I changed the diff angle when fitting the axel.

Just needs a coat of paint and some testing at the next Pay and Play day.;


I have been taking some paint spraying lessons form a mate and I have to say I think I am getting the hang of it. 

The paints a 2 pack epoxy and will take a massive amount of abuse. It seems a shame to fit it incase it gets scratched.

So its bolted in place.

Splashed out on a set of stainless socket head cap screws and a new gasket and it all fitted perfectly.

Believe me I am more suppressed than anyone.

Still. It looks great and will take all the punishment I can throw at it so I can put this one down as a success.