Juniors Rear Winch.

Having fitted the new winch I bought for junior I came across another brand new DV9000 at a good price. I decided to fit it in the rear load area. After all if you can't get out of trouble forwards your going to have to get out backwards.

I then made a custom fitted frame on which I mounted plate ali, painted up to match juniors bodywork. the frame is strong enough to stand on and is bolted into the tub with 4 socket head cap screws.

I decided to mount the winch well above the chassis but needs to be mounted securely. I made some mountings for the chassis and the decided to also attach the winch mounting plate to the rear feet of the role cage,

I needed a rear door to replace the original and still allow the rear winch cable out. the rear door on the lightweight is ideal for this as it is already split into 2 sections. I used the top section of this door and and adapted the lower section hinges to permit the use of the original mountings.

The final result was exactly what I had envisaged and on the first trip out I ended up using this winch to rescue myself and virtually everyone else on the trip. Its the perfect place to fit a winch and much more useful than mounting on the front.