The chassis


When I first looked at junior his chassis appeared to be pretty. When he arrived at the workshop and we had a good look round it became obvious that this as not the case.

I knew there were at least 2 patches to do but since junior was just going to be a toy for some fun over the winter and then sell on for a profit I was happy to patch these up and go out to play.

We started to strip off the wax oil, paint, under seal and so on and found a previous owner some time in the distant past had really gone to town on the waterproofing. We filled half a rubbish bin and still hadn't got it back to the steel. They had also decided to fill the holes o the rear cross member with fiberglass. 

So we decided to take it off and replace it. 

We based the replacement on the military ones since they are mechanically stronger than the series type. Unfortunately by the time we had cut back far enough to get to strong steel we had had cut away about 12" of the chassis so some extensive rebuilding of the chassis and its fittings was require. between my mastery of the angle grinder and Ian's ability to weld in almost any position imaginable we recreated the original profile ready to accept the new rear cross member. 

Unfortunately they are also only available to fit a lightweight which is 2" narrower so out came the welder and Ian constructed boxed ends for the new unit t make it fit juniors series bodywork. This is a flawless job, you really can't see the join.

I had said from the beginning that this chassis should be as strong as possible, this ideal was taken to the extreme on the rear cross member by welding in a 10mm steel plate behind the tow hitch location, drilled to match the hole pattern exactly. This removed the need for a backing plate. To distribute the load even further we added 40x40 box section braces diagonally from the 10mm plate to the chassis legs. The rear towing point is strong enough to hang the landy from.

we extended this approach to the outer sections of the cross member which do take a few hard knocks and have mud thrown at then all the time. These were reinforced with box section as before and then boxed in to eliminate mud traps. 

This rear cross member should last a long time and take allot of punishment. Junior needs to be as strong as possible at the rear end which will take the brunt of recovery and towing activities.


Origional series III rear cross memeber Juniors new Military style rear cross member.