Juniors Future Modifications

I am always on the look out for new and innovative ways of modifying my Landy's to improve their performance off road, and of cause there looks

These are a few of the ideas I have for future projects. Some oar simply lifted from eh pages of magazines an web sites. Others are commercial parts I intend to produce my self and fit. And a few are my own inspiration and will take a little more work.

This is am are I will be updating frequently. If you want more info or have any suggestions about the projects on here feel free to email me at projects@negativearth.com

Jackable sills.

 These are on a 90, since nobody makes them commercially for the series landy I will have to make my own.

Look at Jackable Sills Page

Double "Z" Suspension

This ones Something to think about.

I saw this system on a jeep and thought the idea has allot of potential. There are geometry questions to sort out and the location of the chassis mounts will have to deal with both the shackles and the exhaust.

The advantages are obvious though.

3/4 elliptical suspension.

This one I think is a simple and easily implemented mod to gain allot of extra articulation.

Looking forward to trying this out on junior.


I saw this and thought of junior.

A high level winch bumper would be a real bonus, increasing the attack angle and maybe saving me bending any more bumpers.

This one took a little thought as things are a little different on a series motor but the resulting winch bumper is defiantly worth the work.

Having fitted junior up with a Salisbury axel I decided to upgrade the diff cover to something that could take an impact.  Something like this would be nice but I think mine will be a little more utilitarian.