Painting Junior

Looks like its time to make junior all one color. Orange never really suited him anyway. After months of discussion (usually over a box of wine)  I final took the plunge and went out and bought some paint.

Originally I had wanted to paint him yellow. But I had gone off the idea when I realize that yellow attracts mud and I will be forever washing him. so I bought Land Rover Bronze green paint. 

I was quite happy with this but as always I was persuaded by Katy that junior had to look COOL!

After months of looking Katy found the perfect color. On of all things and MG Rover. So I was persuaded. And it is a great colour. So I have started painting. Being on crutches at the moment makes this difficult but I like a challenge

Having made a start. However incompetently I realize this is gong to take a while. Covering blue, green and orange with yellow will not happen in one coat. Although as you can see its a striking color.

Well its getting there. The roof still needs doing but I am liking the colour more with each coat.

Its going o take me a few weeks to get round all the inside and so on but I will have to outside done in about a week.!

i He's nearly finished. There's still a few bits to touch up and Katy's going to paint the roof. but its looking good.

Yellow paint has little pigment in so it takes loads of coats to get e good covering. Well at least it will be tough.


 The weathers been awful just lately and so have not been able to do much more on junior. Sunday we had a fine day so Katy painted the roof and I got on with painting the rear load space. Now most of the blues gone its really starting to look good.

Last week some of the checker plate goodies I ordered arrived. They now need to be modified to fit and and then powder coated black to match the colour scheme. A local firm called TEC Coatings have offered to do this so they should be on in a week or so.


Well I have cracked on a bit. Painted up the bumper and got some of the checker plate stuff on. about 1000 rivet's later juniors really starting to look Cool.

Next job. Painting inside.


Having taken junior up to the new workshop I took junior apart in anticipation of his new gearbox and engine. I took this opportunity to paint the inside of the cab.


You can just see the new gearbox that Geoff built for me. Have a look at the box that Geoff built for the full story of this remarkable creation.