Fitting Junior's Light Guards

These have saved me allot of time and money over the years on beast and since I intend to take junior through some even more demanding terrain I jumped at the chance to get hold of a set. These were off one of the many scrap Landys in Geoff's paddock.

I took them to TEC Coatings in Poulton for blasting and powder coating. Can't have too much protection on a landy.


The side light and indicator lenses are frequently broken by branches and walls that jump out and attack without warning

These should do the job. A good heavy wire construction and the powder coating again.

I have mounted them on rubber grommets to stop the mountings digging into the wings. This has happened on beasts wing leaving a dent and hole. The wall didn't look to good either


And at the rear. These are the same strong constriction and again powder coated.


 Since the manufactures do not make a guard for juniors recently acquired fog lamp I will be having a go at making something similar to this to protect this light too.

Better add it to the 'stuff still to do' list then.