The Box that Geoff Built

Having had problems with the first gearbox I put in junior I decided to put in a full recon box. These are quite expensive but worth it just to preserve my hearing. It should also give me some confidence when in the middle of nowhere.

I took juniors gearbox out and stripped it to find out why the 4th gear was jumping when engaged and it wined like a banshee.

It turned out to have a collapsed rear output bearing so it was time for a rebuild or a rethink.



The series 2a box has always been considered to be the strongest gearbox ever fitted to the series land rover.

I spoke to friends about an idea to combine parts form the series 1, 2, 2a, and3 boxes to create a gearbox which has a lower ratio low box than standard, but the same ratio high box.

Geoff, a friend with probably more land rover experience than anyone currently working at solihul offered to build this hybrid form me.

Parts were sourced from here and there and delivered to Geoff's workshop. 4 weeks later I was the proud owner of a unique gearbox. one which should be reliable, strong, and a distinct advantage when winching.


I had to wait till the engine was fitted and sorted out before I can test the new box.

The new box was smooth, quiet and the low box turned out to be low enough to leave it in 1st on tick over and get out to close the workshop door.




Here's a few picks of junior parked on the concrete someone kindly dumped outside the workshop.



And in reverse. it was easy, 

The gearbox is a real advantage, slow and controllable, coupled with the suspension, it made climbing this obstacle easy.

The handbrake even worked.