JUNIOR the story so far...

When I got junior he was a stock 1981 series 3 SWB and was starting to feel his age. Despite appearances when we started checking him over it seemed more than a few botched repairs had been done over the years and he was in need of some work. Originally this was to be a quick patch up and then I could use him off road, but like most things Land Rover. Once you start, there's always something else you can do.

Halfway through the build and this has got to be the easiest way to fit a gearbox. It took only a minute or two. The rear of the chassis was then completed.  
Junior in the workshop being fitted for his new roll cage. Specially made mountings were welded to the chassis before we got to this stage.

The rear tubs on now and he's looking more like a landy

 You can see the custom made rear cross member Ian lovingly created. Not the usual Land Rover item and should be considerably stronger. Click the picture to see more detail.

The rear floor was a necessity as the old one had turned to powder. As soon I a cleaned away the paint that was holding it together it fell apart so the fabricators in Lancaster made this for me.  Looks good too.
Junior the day he came home after passing his first MOT in a long time. He's still along way to go but the basics. The chassis, running gear and engine are now sorted. Now its time to add some new wheels and tyres and paint him all the same colour
New wheels and tyres. 265/75/16 Bronco Grizzly claws on custom made 8" wide deep dished wheels. The wheels were necessary to give full lock without interfering with the springs or the bodywork.
Halfway though the paint job and Kt was rite, it looks cool. At least that's what the local kids told me today when I was working on it.
Paint jobs nearing completion, at least on the outside. Still allot to do inside. 

Those lights are going to need some protection too.


Now the paint job is done I can start adding some of those essential toys I mentioned. I have started efforts to waterproof the engine. I have also fitted diff guards to protect the axels from rocks.

 I have a box full of bits and pieces to fit on junior but its going to take some time to get them all on.


Latest Work

Light Guards

Rewiring Junior

Waterproofing junior.

Painting Junior

New Gearbox.