Ground Anchor.


When I first started using winches I bought a number of ground anchors onto which to hook the cable. Some were totally useless, Some worked to a point and one weighted more than I do so carrying it up a slope was hard work in its self. Non worked really well so I decided to build one of my own. 

Having seen a number of plough type anchors on the market. I designed one which would be strong and safe. This one was used in a variety of soil types. We found it would dig in well in all should even root packs but retrieval was difficult.

Stage 1


This allowed me to try out the design and plan a lighter and more compact model. 
Stage 2.


The latest design is shorter and can dig in deeper for greater holding power in soft ground.  

Using a second attachment point on the top of the spine the winch can be used to retrieve the anchor from the ground saving allot of time and effort.

I put a shackle bracket on both the frame and the spade so that once set up the two could be attached together. This would make it safer for carrying (the spade could not drop off on your foot) and enable retrieval using a tow strap if you have driven over the anchor.

As you can see it works quite well.

This was hard ground and the anchor went on only about 10". In softer ground it could easily penetrate further to find a strong footing.

The retrieval system was simplicity its self. No effort needed. In fact it took more time to clean off the mud and replace the divots than to get the anchor out of the ground.

There will soon be a third stage in the development but I want to fully test this one first to evaluate its design and determine future modifications.

Stage 3.

So stage 3 has arrived. I had decided that the stage 2 was just too heavy and I wanted to be able to run up a hill with it without a cardiac arrest.

I carried out a mechanical assessment and redesigned using lighter box section and came up with this. It weighs 60% of the last one and is as strong.

A bit of testing is now in order.

This is the latest picture. 

I have made a lighter spade section which has further reduced the weight of the anchor.

I have to test this in soft ground, but its significantly lighter than previous designs and can easily be carried in one hand so will be an advantage in competition.


Devon 4x4 Anchor

Well after a couple of years of designing my own and having a number of great results I have finally decided to bit the bullet and spend a few quid on a commercially available ground anchor.

I tested one of Devon 4X4's anchors at a club challenge in Yorkshire and was so impressed I bought one. Its a light as my stage 3 design and a little smaller but its has been tested all over the world and I can be confident with this one that it will not break in use and since My life may depend on this I think its time.

Here junior sporting the new D44 Anchor.

We gave this some abuse that day and I was very impressed. I get the feeling this will get used allot this season.