For sale

Axel Breather kits.

I have just fitted Junior up with some extended axel breathers (see waterproofing junior page). It worked so well I bought a few extra fittings to supply as a kit to friends. So if you want to fit your Land Rover up for going through deeper water here's all you need.

Basic kit

Consists of 2 axel breather fitings.1 tee piece. 8m of tubing and a load of cable ties to hold it all in place. Postage.


Full Kit

I can also include extra fittings for your gearbox and transfer case. You need to drill one hole yourself but I include details of how to do this.

 The extra parts only cost an extra 10.



Custom made jackable sills. 

Having realized that no 2 series vehicles are identical, these need to be built in the workshop and custom fitted. So let me know and they can be fitted when you come up here for a laning trip.


Roller Fairleads

I have a couple off these available. I had them on junior but I have installed synthetic winch ropes and so these are not needed.

25 for the new one

20 for the one that's been used.

Landy Parts For sale.

Always breaking something with a green oval on it so give me a shout if your in need of something.

Rear PTO Unit for a series landy. I haven't got the linkages but the unit is in good nick with good bearings and gears. 65

Steering wheels. 1 series , 1 discovery. 1 defender. All in great nick. 10 each.
Range rover 3 bolt PAS system, includes the pump, reservoir, PAS box and drop arm. 60.
Defender steering column. 25
Winch Control solenoids.

These are brand new, came off juniors rear winch kit. I fitted a different solenoid system so these were not needed.  Would be over 100 new, 60 for the lot.

All the above can be posted for standard parcel prices or collected.

Write to me at