Juniors Electric Fan.

In the past I have been through deepish water in beast after coating the engine in spray grease and WD40. Every time the engine bay has looked like it has been jet washed. This is because the fixed cooling fan does a very good impression of a propeller when in water, throwing gallons of the stuff allover the electrics and the air intake.

I decided that this fixed fan needed removing from the front of the engine and replacing with an electrically powered version that I could switch off when entering deep water. When I acquired junior he had an electric fan in front of the radiator but this wan manually switched on when needed. Since its never been needed I had forgotten it was there. 

Having established that is worked and was the correct size (The chaps in the technical department at Kenlow are some of the most helpful I have found yet) it needed switching, this is usually handled by a thermostatic switch inserted into own of the coolant hoes. Since I knew I had one of these knocking about the garage somewhere I set about finding it. Easier said than done in my garage since I never throw anything out. Still a couple of hours later It turned up, missing some bits as usual. Again Kenlow supplied what I needed and still wouldn't charge me. 


The switch was easy enough to fit on the side of the radiator panel with a thermistor which is inserted into the top hose as it goes into the radiator. I have wired it into a relay which will handle the high current draw of a fan under load. This can be as much as 50 amps so it needs to be a big relay.

This photo shows the relay and all the wires, including the capillary to the thermostat on the top hose and the reed wire which goes to the dash board to provide a live feed to the control.

This was then waterproofed and secured to make space for the winch switch gear.



There's not Lot of room left now that the winch solenoid pack is installed. A cover to keep the mud off will be added later.


So the thermostatic switch, switches on the relay, and so the fan. I can now remove the fixed fan that causes all the problems.

I still need an over ride switch for use when towing. this was originally installed but I was not impressed with the wiring so I have completely replaced it with an independent system. 

Along side this override I also needed to be able to isolate this system when I go wading. You don't want a 16" fan becoming a propeller at the wrong moment. It occurred to me that I have another system that need switching on when going through water. A month ago I fitted a compressor to the distributor cap to keep out the water. This needs to be switched on at the same time as the fan is isolated.

You can read about this upgrade on juniors rewiring page.

By using a change over relay the fan can be isolated by the same switch that switched on the dizzy compressor. 

The switch on the left lights the amber light and switches on the fan

The switch on the right lights the read light and operates the change over relay isolating the fan and switching in the distributor compressor.

Click the picture for the wiring diagram