ENGINEFord Essex V6. 3.0 litre

When I built Beast I didn't record the process, mainly because I was never sure it was ever going to work out. Consequently there's no pictures of the build. However when I first insured Beast I had to submit pictures to document the work. These are a selection.

Since this sunny day in June Beast has had a busy year. Between trips to Grizdale Forrest and the West Yorkshire Moors he have been put into service shifting everything from stone for Kt's new barbeque to a tree we cut down at my parents home. As you can imagine he's become a little battered. In need of some TLC. He has also been fitted with an internal roll bar following a near turning over experience I had up in Yorkshire. Since Land Rovers have the same structural integrity as a greenhouse I thought it was a wise investment.

Pictures to follow.

This week saw Beast making another visit to Steve for some essential MOT work. I wasn't able to do the work myself following surgery so Steve has stepped in to get both Beast and Junior through the ministry's test. This time we decided that Beasts breaks were getting dangerous and I gave Steve the parts to fit Beast up with servo assisted brakes. Oh and he fixed about a dozen faults I have been trying to get around too. Cheers Steve. 

So Beast is back in Cumbria being looked after by my old friend Phil.

Last summer I did a little work on beast to develop some jackable sills.  Using some 80x40 box section I made these. 

At the time I wasn't convinced they were really needed and so they are one of the projects still to finish on beast. The problem was that due to the length of the beams I realized an extra outrigger will be needed upon which to mount the sill's.  Still they look the part and I think I will get on with these this summer as I have to build a set for junior now and it will be a good trial run.

The picture above got me thinking, Why has nobody ever bobtailed a 109. 

OK you need to remover the rear tank and move the cross member and cut back the bodywork.

I thought I would see what it would look like so I played around with Photoshop and came up with this.

Let me know what you think.